The Book

What is this book going to be about?

The first task of this book is to live up to its title, ‘Rational Christians’ and its two sub titles, ‘Applying your God Given Intelligence, To Your Man Made Religion.’

Then I have to provide answers to the five challenging questions which opened what I hope will be a searching debate, the kind of debate which I tried unsuccessfully to open up decades ago.

What you will be receiving is not the book but the first draft in the form of blog posts. First drafts are often rubbish. That makes you a uniquely influential person.

Books are regularly written twice and even three times once editors get their hands on the first draft. I am inviting you to become my first line editors. I will read every comment you make.

Have you ever wished that somebody would do something about the present mess? Well wish no more. The saviour is here and it is YOU and hundreds of thousands like YOU.

I plan to give you a unique opportunity to be part of the answer to those questions. I am only one person. You are thousands. Together we can reach hundreds of thousands.

If you press the button and opt in I will send you two posts per week for your comments. Once I complete this first draft I will start the re-write. That’s when I take into account all your comments. So do comment. I expect to stsrt the re-write as soon as I have employed an editor after the last post has gone out.

Christianity is not dead. I know because I have lived and worked amongst you. But it has a terrible illness. You and I hold the cure, you and I and tens of thousands like us. Are you up for your part in it? Let me know.

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